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I absolutely love doing equine headshots. Fact! Featured here are the gorgeous Fred, Smurf and Mojo. There’s something very satisfying about getting a horse or pony to look a particular way with just the right amount of neck bend and body showing. I’ve had quite a few people ask me about these shots in particular, they are not achieved by photoshop alone.

I ask the horse and owner to stand just inside either a school entrance, a hay barn, a dark area, wherever’s possible to achieve the light you see on the horse’s coat. I don’t use lighting equipment so it can be quite a precise ask of a horse, and usually they are more than happy to oblige with the bribe of carrots in the distance! I take quite a few shots when I do headshots as a split second can make all the difference sometimes. Also, and only because I’ve been asked!, the reason for quite a few of my shots showing the horse looking out to it’s left is to do with me being right handed, the light is usually coming in from that angle, and I also like to see just a hint of mane. So now you know!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you like this type of image and I can let you know what’s achieveable at your location.

Kent horse photography

horse headshot

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