Equine photoshoots

Your equine photoshoot

Your equine photoshoot will result in your own unique collection of images.  Photoshoots last around 2 hours and include enough time for 2 to 3 clothes changes.  Helen has a funny and friendly manner that helps clients relax and enjoy their photoshoot.  With over thirty years experience with equines, she has lots of patience for them, knowledge and ideas for you.

horse in poppy field

How much is a photoshoot session and how do I book?

Photoshoots are currently priced at £149 within Kent, this includes a complimentary giclee art print of your choice.  Just contact Helen on the link above to chat about any aspect of a photoshoot and to check available dates.

(Additional travel time & mileage fees apply to sessions beyond Kent, please ask for a quotation.)

What should I wear on my photoshoot?

Choosing the right clothing can really enhance images and Helen will discuss options with you beforehand.  It helps to bear in mind the time of year of your session.  Having at least 3 to 4 outfits in mind is recommended, even just a change of top/colour can work wonders and give you variety in your images.  Think colour!  Most people opt for their livery yard as the location for their photoshoot, but if you know a scenic location you would like to travel to do let Helen know.

How do I choose and order products after my session?

Your final gallery is ready for viewing up to 2 weeks after your session.  You can visit Helen in Kent to see your images on a big screen and go through products, or opt for a private online gallery to view (available for one week).

horse photography

How much are additional products?

Gorgeous finished products are available to you after your viewing;  beautiful frames, acrylics, print boxes, and albums (some can be seen here).

horse wedding

What about the weather on our photoshoot?

Helen’s most used app on her phone is the weather one!  A lot of effort goes into photoshoots and optimum weather is always the goal for you (not always achievable but that’s Mother Nature for you.)  Helen really appreciates if you can keep flexibility in mind, she always has the horses/ponies best interests at heart and standing around in searing heat with flies doesn’t make for a great time, nor does paddling around in heavy rain.  Helen keeps a very close eye on weather forecasts and will speak to you a few days in advance of your photoshoot to confirm timings.