Hampshire equine photography | horse photoshoot | Hannah and Rodney

I had a fab Hampshire equine photography group day recently.  Hannah contacted me to come and photograph her and her two friends at their yard in a lovely part of Hampshire.

Whenever I get to a yard I have a good scope around and this is when my brain goes into overdrive with ideas.  I first spotted the yard owner’s lovely garden to the side of the stable yard with its gravel path and asked if we could use it, bam, yes, thank you!

The ladies then mentioned a big oak tree that had split apart a few days before that I ‘might’ be interested in, off I toddled to go take a peak in the field.  Oh hello, AMAZING backdrop.  The horses were all very brave standing near it as it was very imposing and ‘new’, one minute their giant ancient oak tree was there and overnight it had changed into a big very scary scary monster the size of a small football pitch.  It was quite sad in a way to see the tree like that, but it was hollow inside and had had a very good life!  Myself and the ladies like to think we’ve honoured the tree in some small way.

I had a fab Hampshire equine photography day with the ladies, I can’t recommend a group photoshoot enough, everyone helps each other and there’s always someone free who’ll make a cup of tea!

Hampshire equine photoshoot

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