Having been around horses for many years, Helen has a natural understanding of the bond between horse and owner (or indeed, pony and owner).  She owned her own Cleveland Bay mare for over twenty five years, you can’t buy that sort of relationship or understanding.  (Helen and Polly pictured left here.)

The style of equine image Helen can offer you is simply colourful and classic, her black and white images are toned for warmth.  A previous client said ‘Helen’s images all have a vibrant painterly sort of effect’, she’s always looking for colour and texture that will add to an image to enhance the subjects and make your images come alive.  Helen’s images suit wall art for your home and albums that will never date.

Helen is also an experienced corporate business photographer which makes her ideal to understand photography needs for your country or outdoor business.  Clients include Wintec Saddles, Bates Saddles, various small businesses including kennels and dog trainers, and equestrian professionals and therapists.

Wedding Photography

Helen can also be commissioned for wedding photography and has attended many amazing weddings over the past few years.  She can cover your big day in her colourful jouranlistic style.

Weddings are a day filled with beauty and magic that emerge effortlessly, Helen will capture that magic in the most authentic way – unobtrusively, honestly, joyfully.  Her approach is contemporary and always in the best of taste.

Every couple is unique in their style, personality, and biography and Helen strives to produce images that reflect that individuality.