Kent horse photoshoot | Kerri and Jasper | Poppies

You may recognise Kerri and Jasper from earlier in the year in the bluebells. As Kerri is stabled very close to my own horse, I asked if we could split her horse photoshoot into two sessions to include blossom (which was yet to appear). Sadly, the blossom never came, completely cheated of it this year! So next best thing was to wait until the poppies made an appearance along the edge of the farm fields that Kerri can hack to. Et voila! I just worked in one perfect spot that gave me good light, some darkness behind and hints of the lovely poppies in front.

Kerri also wanted an image of Jasper in his field in action to match an image that she has of her old pony that’s sadly no longer around. No pressure! Armed with a plastic bag and some rattling pony nuts Jasper gave me what I needed fairly quickly, bang on cue. Slightly curved, elevated, having a great time, coming towards my camera and boom, there’s the shot (below). I’ve learned to be very very patient with this sort of shot and (usually…!) you get rewarded. Love these images so much that they’ve been used for some of my new samples.

equine photography

pony cantering

pony photoshoot poppies

pony photoshoot

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