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A very light hearted post and share tonight featuring my Jack Russell Terrier, Digby.  This is the second year I have collaborated with my mum to make a very tongue in cheek ‘Digby’ calendar for all the family at christmas (Digby is the only dog in our entire family and much loved).  When we made this collection of images last year, the rules were simple, nothing could be bought, it had to look ‘homemade’ and we could only use what we found in the house.  I tell a lie, I bought a giant black bed sheet for a simple backdrop.  The theme this year has been ‘Guess the Film’ in homage to some of our favourite flicks and characters, it’s fairly ‘say what you see’ – no Hollywood budget here!  Digby has been photographed by me since we’ve had him as a three month old puppy and is a true professional, even if he does only work ‘blue steel’.

I have posted each ‘month’ up on my facebook page this year, but have been asked many times to show the ‘collection’ in its entirety as people have missed certain months and are diehard Digby fans.  I hope you enjoy these very images, we certainly had a giggle doing them :)  I am wondering what I can do now for next year to top this, suggestions on a postcard…

Helen Rigby Photography
January… Skyfall (yes, say what you see!)
February… Breakfast at Tiffany’s
March… Casino
April… A Close Shave
May… need I say!
June… The Shawshank Redemption
July… The Big Lebowski
August… The Sound of Music
September… Superman
October… The Wizard of Oz
November… Raiders of the lost ark
December… The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe

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