Tips for dog photos


If your dog has lots of energy, try and take them for a good walk beforehand.  My dog photoshoots take place later in the day so there’s no hurry for you.

Dogs do not need to be off lead for a photoshoot, I use a very thin lead that can be edited out.  Of course, I always try and pick safe woodland locations, nowhere near roads.

Ideally, dogs should have a good ‘sit’ and ‘wait’.  I only need a brief amount of time to focus on their eyes, but if they have a good ‘wait’, a brief amount of patience from them will make their images even better.  I photograph with a shallow depth of field on a long lens, which means you can be close by with a treat or favourite ball, getting them to look all cute.

I know many fab local dog trainers that can help brush up on skills prior to any photoshoot, if needed!  I recently had a lady who had taught her dog to ‘lay flat’ with nose on ground in a week.  Absolute superstar!

Of course, you can be in some images too, even if it’s just with your dog between your feet.  Obviously some nice wellies or good footwear make images look amazing!